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Just as you take great pride in your investment property and property management business, we at Ideal Landlord, pride ourselves in the being able to provide the most advanced software solution which we have ever developed just for you. We also have the highest level of customer service available for the property management industry today. This combination allows you as the owner of your property to be able to manage these investments yourself, saving large commissions that you would pay for someone to manage for you.

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Where are you located?

Ideal Landlord is a service as a software (SaaS) Company so we are actually a virtual Company.  The software is in the cloud and can be accessed from any location, using any smart device or computer, any time of the day. Staff is located in picturesque Sun Valley Idaho, which is a quaint resort town filled with fun restaurants, entertainment venues and amazing shops to get lost in.  It is a ski resort in the winter and an outdoor paradise boasting great fly fishing in the summer.

What is Ideal Landlord?

Ideal Landlord is software for property management. The Company originally developed their award winning property management software in 2005. Ideal Landlord provides a robust accounting system together with a basket of tools which make the day to day tasks required in management of investment property, almost completely automated.  This software is specifically designed for individuals who wish to self direct  their own property management and is scalable for your needs.  This means that whether you have one or 1000 properties, you can use this affordable software to organize and run your rental business.  Our development team  completely rebuilt the software in 2015.   From our inception,  over 20,000 subscribers have relied on us to provide software and data storage for them.  The staff is completely dedicated to helping each subscriber by providing the best rated customer service in the industry. Ideal Landlord is powered by Smart Property Systems.

Why Should I Choose Ideal Landlord?

The obvious answer is that it is the best software available to individuals who wish to manage their own rentals at the best price.  Plus, the team of professionals at Ideal Landlord understands that there is a  trust relationship established between the Company and subscriber, as well as the tenants who use our products.  We value that relationship and strive to provide the best software and support available on the market today.  In addition, the software is affordable.  We charge for the basic services that you use regularly as subscription pricing and then add “per use” charges for tools that you do not need as often.  That makes the software affordable.

Although we provide training and tutorials, this newly built platform is easy to learn to use.  It is user friendly for you and your tenants.  This versatile software can be beneficial for user Owner/Landlords who have small to medium sized portfolios as well as large holders of residential and/or commercial property.  The fact is that, no matter how many properties you have, it is affordable and easy to use.  That is why it is considered the best software available on the market today, for you and for your tenants.
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How do I sign up?

You can have a 14 day free trial or sign up for a subscription.  When you sign up for your free trial do click on Free Trial on any page.  Fill in your data.  If you do not have a Company name leave it blank.  Click register.  You will be prompted to check your email to confirm your account.  Once confirmed you will be logged in to your new account.  There are tutorials at the bottom of the menu bar.  Please look through those first.  Then add a property and create a lease. It is recommended that you use real properties instead of fake ones so when you convert to a subscription some of the onboarding is already done for you.  When you are ready to start the subscription there are instructions to help you do so.  Ideal Landlord will bill you monthly for your subscription and any pay per use items.

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