Ideal Landlord is a cloud based web application, offering complete management controls, available 24/7 from any internet connection and can also be viewed on portable devices such as your tablet or smartphone. You do not need to download our software. Just sign up and enjoy the ease of managing your rentals from any location. The Ideal Landlord software platform supports management for all types of real estate investment property.  This software is specifically designed for individuals who have investments in rental property and wish to manage for themselves.  The feature list of Ideal Landlord  is shown on the landing page. Click for more information about each features. This is a subscription based software.  Signing up does not require a contract unless you want one.  You are billed monthly based on the number of units you have.  There are several features that are pay per use because the are not used regularly.  Those are only charged to you when you use them. You can see pricing details here. Ideal Landlord continually updates the software to insure that the latest and most innovative features are offered and that the software is intuitive and easy to use. Whereas the software is user friendly, and little or no training is needed to get started, the staff is always available to help you get started and train you.  SPS provides ongoing user training via our library of training slides and videos, as well as direct customer support via live chat, phone or Contact Us. Ideal Landlord is powered  by Smart Property Systems.

Ideal Landlord is specifically designed for someone like you who has added rental properties to their investment portfolio and wishes to manage them. There are many reasons why you should choose Ideal Landlord as your software for property management. Ideal Landlord is supported by an award winning system which has served over 20,000 satisfied subscribers since 2006. The software has recently been rewritten, utilizing amazing new technologies and features which give even more options to the subscriber for saving time and  resources, therefore increasing your profitability and decreasing time spent working.  You can manage all types of rental property using Ideal landlord.  As a subscriber, Ideal Landlord customer service is here to assist with training, answer questions, help you with decisions regarding best practices in property management and assist tenants as well, via live chat, phone or Contact Us tickets.  Whether you are an experienced landlord or just starting out, you will be amazed at what this software can do for you and how much of your time is saved once your account is set up. Customer service can set up your account (properties and leases) for you or you can do it yourself.  Once set up, the automation takes over.  You are only required to enter your expenses and add any monthly charges, which are not recurring, to tenant accounts.  Whether you have one rental property or hundreds of them, you can rely on Ideal Landlord to run the business as you wish using the tools included which support the complete rental cycle. The best part is that you can get all of this automation for less than .004 % of your rent roll on based on an average rent of $1000. More information about all of the features available in this software, fo to the features heading above.

Yes! The software is set up with built in work flows that take you step by step through the process of adding new properties or leases.  Those steps make it almost impossible for you to get lost. We provide a library of training slides which show you how to use each feature in a step by step manner. You can watch them as many times as you may need and stop them as you are working in your account.  If you need any additional help or have questions, our friendly customer service staff is waiting to help you during business hours (8 AM MST to 5 PM MST Monday through Friday).  We can do a training session with you if you wish.  You can use the live chat feature or the contact us link to leave a message if you have questions or need help. You can also call us at 855 796 7771. If you are at your computer, we can share a screen to help you learn a sequence or fix a problem. If you leave a message after hours, we will actually contact you the very next business day. Don't hesitate to get help if you need it. It is included in the cost of your subscription.

Ideal Landlord takes your data and sensitive payment information very seriously.  Our software is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant to bank standards.  It is tested regularly for potential breaches, malware and viruses.  It is also monitored daily by Trustwave and tested regularly by Control Scan, both industry standard regulators.  We  know how important your data is. Ideal Landlord uses SSL encryption for your data.  We use powerful specialized Amazon data servers which are built to handle high level encryption. Although we will collect credit card information, we do not store your credit card information on our site. It is stored by the payment processor which processes rents and subscription fees on your behalf. This is a First Data Company and is also PCI compliant to the highest level.  They have a dedicated staff whose job it is to just to protect your card data and privacy 24 hours a day. Please do look at our security policy for more details.

Privacy is important to all of us. That is why we will never give your personal information, or that of your tenants, to anyone except if we are required by law to do so. That’s it. We are in this business to protect you. For more information, please see our privacy policy page  here.

We monitor all activity on our servers and use alarms to notify our engineers  of errors, slow downs or server failure 24 hours a day. Our system is scanned regularly by different services for viruses, malware and security vulnerabilities, and we use industry best practices to encrypt your data on our servers. We protect your data using a redundant, backed up data storage service from Amazon Web Services. That means that your data will automatically transfer (within milliseconds) to a new data center if the server in use becomes unavailable.  The server company used operates more than twelve  data centers in different locations around the world so that the risk from real life disasters is minimized.

Ideal landlord has a well trained customer service staff who can help to train you, and answer any questions that come up along the way.  We will also help your tenants when they have questions.  If you have an issue and need expert best practices advice, you can use live chat, phone or Contact Us to get answers you need or we will tell you where to look for those answers.  Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time.  But if you contact us and we are not in the office we will get back to you the next business day.

The Ideal Landlord software is a subscription based platform.  You can sign up with no contract or strings attached.   But if you wish to have a contract we are happy to write one with you.  For subscribers with larger numbers of units this may be an attractive alternative to month to month subscriptions.  But to state it simply, you can have it your way.  If you wish to have a contract, contact sales at 855 796 7771 X 1.

The standard practice is that we pull your payment automatically from your bank or credit card, which ever is set up with your subscription.  There is a billing history in settings where you can see an itemization of charges and then there is a payments tab which shows the amount total billed.  Payments are pulled on the last day of each month and include base subscription rates and pay per use items used during that month.    The minimum charge is $30.63per month.  For that amount you can manage up  to 5 units.  At Ideal Landlord you will be charged per unit for over 5 units. You can learn more about pricing here.

The software is regularly tested on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  Ideal Landlord pages are built to be responsive and we test with multiple screen sizes including tablets and smart phones. For best results use the latest version of a browser.  These browser updates are readily available for free by logging into the browser main page (landing page) and checking for updates.  Also it is helpful to clear the cache history for download, browsing, images and temp files.  This will speed up the responsiveness of your browser window and should be done weekly.

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Automating rent collection is easy.  It requires that you get approved for a merchant account.  You can set up as many merchant accounts as you have need as long as each one has a different settlement account (business bank account) Ideal Landlord uses Blue Pay to process rents.  The tenant makes the rent payment  in the tenant portal.  We will provide instructions for you to send to your tenants . The process allows the tenant to register with Blue Pay.  Then your tenant can enter bank account(s) and or credit card information which is transferred to the Processor for storage. With those two tasks done, all the tenant has to do is log in and make the payment when it is due.  Ideal Landlord never takes constructive receipt of any rent payments. They go directly from the Tenant's bank account into the settlement account (bank account) which you have to set up.

The merchant account application is built into the software and you will find it under settings.  Fill out the data and attach requested documents.  Click submit and your approval will take from 4 to 24 hours.  If you need help, contact customer service and someone will be happy to answer your questions or get on a joint meeting to help you fill out the application.  You will be asked to provide a copy of a voided check which has your name and address on it.  You may also need to provide other documentation based on the size of your portfolio.

Once approved a secure connection to the processor is added to your subscription account.  You can now add the merchant account you wish to use for each lease to manage rent collection .  That step is already built in and takes only seconds to do.  If you have more that one merchant account, rent will go into the account you choose for each lease.  Automated rent can be paid through the tenant portal, or by phone at customer service. This allows all tenants, whether they have computers or not, to use automated rent collection.

Yes there are accounting reports that report income and expenses in several ways.  There are also performance reports.  The reports can be printed in a report format or downloaded in  an spreadsheet file format.  You can see your data by property or unit or portfolio.  You can also filter for date ranges.  There is a built in schedule E for US taxpayers.  Coming soon you will be able to print out 1099's for vendor payments.

Yes, most of the Ideal Landlord features, including rent collection services, are now available in other countries.  We have a list of countries in which we can provide automated rent collection below. If your country is not listed you can still use the software and hand enter rents collected.  Also please contact customer service to request that your country be added for rent collection service .  You are able to choose your currency in the settings area under currency table.  We have developed the software so that if you need to add vat or other taxes to rent charges you can do so. For the present time tenant screening is only available through the software in the US however.  Ideal Landlord is working on getting tenant screening capability in other countries through our current service provider.  If you sign up for updates and news you will get updates about which countries get tenant screening as it is added. For now, there is no translation available unless you set your browser to translate for you.  Some browser translations are better than others so test to find the best browser to use if you or your tenants need translation.

Ideal Landlord has robust accounting software built in.  We use a double entry GAAP system(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) .  If you automate your rents, all rents and rental related income accounting is automated.  That means when a tenant makes a payment through the tenant portal, the system does your accounting automatically.   Expenses are to be  entered into the general super ledger which assigns the item to a property and even a unit which will also appear in your property and unit level reports.  Unless you are committed to use a different type of system, we have you covered for accounting.  Expenses that are built into the software are also automatically accounted for, like tenant screening and your software charges.

A webflyer is used to advertise your property to sites that show rental properties, when a property  is about to be vacated or is vacant.  The listings in the US go out to over 47 URLs when you click a button to activate.  Our webflyers can also be used for properties you wish to sell and the link for those webflyers goes to for sale property sights. Webflyers are created automatically when you add details to your properties and units in the software.  If you fill out the details for utilities and amenities, those go automatically into your webflyer.  If you have uploaded photos of the property and each unit, if it is a multiple unit property, those photos transfer over to your webflyer for each unit,  so  you can choose which ones you wish to use.  You can also add video or your property and use You Tube to publish then add the URL to your webflyer.  Visitors to your webflyer will be able to see that video by clicking the URL When you are finished with the data part of the webflyer, and you have added the contact information and date available etc, you only need to click a button to activate it.  When you have a qualified tenant just click the button to deactivate the webflyer.

Ideal Landlord offers a free trial for you to use for 14 days.  In that time you can learn to use the software, add a few properties, and add leases.  You should not invite tenants when you add leases though.   You can do that when you start the subscription.  While you are on a free trial you can use the ledger, the webflyers, and enter data.  You will not be able to use automated rent , tenant screening, e-sign for documents or the pay per use items until you have a subscription.  After 14 days your free trial expires.  If you need more time to test our software, contact customer service and we will extend the trial period. Whenever you are ready to set up your subscription account, log in and go to settings.  Enter your registration details, go to billing details and set that up with a credit card or bank account.  Now call customer service to get an appointment to get fully trained and start using the software.

Yes you can just start with a subscription.  Log in with the Start Subscription button.  Fill in the information requested.  In the settings located at the top right corner of your dashboard page, click on billing details and add the information requested.  That is all there is to it.  Now call customer service for assistance learning how to use the software and set up your account data.  855 796 7771 X 2

We would really be sad to see you go. But if you must deactivate your account (cancel your subscription) it is easy. First it is important for you to download or export all of your data and reports. Then go to the dash and choose “Settings” at the top right of the page. The settings button looks like a gear. You will see the option to deactivate your account there. Just follow the prompts. But please remember that you can come back if you want to and we will have your data available to you for up to six months